The Forest: Try to survive in the woods full of cannibals

The Forest is an open world survival game that is still in development stage. This game was originally only available for PC platforms. However, it is now also available for PlayStation 4. In the meantime, you may want to check out the best 13 inch gaming laptops online to play this game with high-performance and graphics.

In this game, we act as survivors of a plane crash and are required to survive alone in the middle of a forest inhabited by a cannibal. To survive, players must collect food, keep the body temperature warm, wipe the wounds to avoid infection, and build huts for cover before nightfall.

To get food, players can take advantage of the herbs, catch the rabbits, fish, and lizards, or collect snacks from suitcases that have fallen off the plane. However, not all plants are edible, some plants are poisonous.

After collecting little food, you should immediately look for building a hut before nightfall. It’s because at night cannibals will become more aggressive and more often wandering. In building the hut, you should also consider the strategic location to be safe from cannibals. Strategic location for example near the springs and away from the cannibal residence. There are several types of huts that can be built. Starting from a simple, a houseboat, to a tree house.

When the night comes, to keep the body warm the player can make a bonfire. In addition to warming the body, the fire can also be used to light the forest in the dark of night. However, if there is a cannibal that sees your fires he will come closer and examine them. So, be careful when lighting a bonfire at night.

In order not to be caught by a cannibal, you can fight it or hide and run away. If you want to fight there are two options that are to create a trap or fight directly with the tools you have created.

The afternoon is a good time to collect food and search for materials to make other tools, explore the forest, enter the underground cave, to find a new location to live in.