The excellence of Wall Ceramics

During this ceramics as a building material is often analogous to the bathroom and floor coverings. But along with the development of technology in the design of modern minimalist home interior including on the wall area. The designers of the house seemed to race to make designs and motifs ceramic wall living room, kitchen and other spaces to beautify view. The ceramic wall is a ceramic used to coat the wall. In contrast to the ceramic floor that is texture stronger and sturdier because it is used to support heavy objects on it. Ceramic walls are generally thinner that makes it easier to be mounted on the wall and attached and not easily loose due to heavy loads. Functionally, the strength, surface, thickness, specially designed sizes are different from the ceramic floor. This is solely to prevent the occurrence of cracks that can be bad even though it can be handled by concrete crack repair.

Like wallpaper, wall tiles can create beautiful and interesting decorations on the walls of houses that tend to be monotonous. Besides fulfilling the aesthetic elements in your dwelling. Coating ceramic wall has other advantages namely; Because the resulting from the combustion process with high temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius makes the ceramic material sturdy and not easily damaged. Very different from vulnerable wallpapers torn and/or peeling. In contrast to painted walls or wallpaper that are difficult to clean, you simply clean it like cleaning the floor by using water and or cleaning the floor then wash it so that stains or spots on the wall are lost and returned clean. Because of the installation as in the paste on the finished wall, then no need to be smoothed with cement layer or cement. Of course, this benefits your pocket that does not need to spend to buy cement.

The main key to caring for and cleaning ceramic walls or natural stone is actually the same as how to care and clean the ceramic floor, you just need to clean it a certain period and routine to keep it shiny. Here are some tips that can be tried for you who seriously want the wall of the house awake, durable and always interesting ie; For maximum results, water alone is not enough to clean your wall tiles especially those made of natural stones. For brilliant results buy a special ceramic cleaning fluid at the supermarket.