Pay Attention of This Things Before You Build Basement for Your House

Basement usually used for parking of the motor vehicle. Basement commonly found in hotels, restaurants, or large shopping centers. The existence of the basement can reduce the use of parking space, so it can save the cost of environmental maintenance. Basement is a part that is often damaged due to water entering the pores of the wall. This can lead to weakness of the basement wall strength so that the necessary anti-water techniques for the construction of the basement wall. Because now the basement is not only used in public places but began to be built in housing, even began to be given the interior design that can be used as an alternative room in the house. Shreveport provides free foundation repair estimate if encountered damage to their work, of course with the terms and conditions applicable.

Not just juggling the basement of your home with interesting decorations, building a basement at home also has a few things to note:

– First of all look at the borderline. The line of the border is the outer safety line defined in the erecting of buildings or fences drawn at a certain distance from predetermined standards such as rail lines, river banks, and others. The demarcation line in the basement should be more advanced than the building demarcation line and adjacent to the fence borderline
– Do not make basement walls together with other walls because it can affect the strength of building construction. If the basement construction is forced to huddle with another wall, use a sheet pile made of concrete or steel that serves as a retaining wall or retaining wall.

– Note the conditions around the area of ​the house and the immediate restriction with the area of ​​a neighboring house. This is important because in the basement around the house there is usually a telephone network system, electricity, water, plumbing, and so forth.

– If the basement will be made to have a bathroom or toilet, its wastewater must flow to a lower place. Wastewater generated from the bathroom or toilet can be drained out by making a septic tank under the basement or using a pump that will pump the water up.