These Two Mistakes Using Eye Make-Up Often Occurred

Using makeup certainly will not be separated from the makeup around the eyes like your eyebrows or eyelashes. then, you can use LED Ring light to avoid errors in makeup that could happen. This will make your look, of course, be very bad.

There are some mistakes that can happen when you use makeup around your eyes.

1. Wrong makes eyebrows

Noteworthy here is when you make eyebrows of different colors with your hair color. many people think that it is a small thing. In fact, this will greatly affect your appearance. But what you need to underline is the color of the eyebrows that match the hair color.

2. Improper wear of eyelashes

Make sure that your eyelashes stick perfectly in accordance with the place. You can also use mascara that the result is not lost with the use of fake eyelashes and easier to do.